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Firstly and most importantly, since 2007, Johanna de Castilho has been providing massage services from Monaco to Saint-Tropez, and abroad. Moreover, she’s originally known for her famous four hands massage. Secondly, Massage Goldfinger has developed her own network with experienced, rigorous and discreet partners: The Wellness Company.

As a wellness and beauty concierge, Massage Goldfinger provides you personalised services at the location of your choice, at home, at the hotel or on board, to bring you relaxation and serenity.

Thirdly and most importantly, in partnership with the concierges of the most prestigious hotels on the Côte d’Azur such as the Marriott Cannes or the Carlton. The Goldfinger team also offers its massage services on board, during your international events or for your company.

In conclusion, if you are lucky enough to live in Saint-Tropez, Cannes or Monaco. Finally take the time you deserve to feel better thanks to the different massages that Johanna will give you. Accordingly to your desires and your profile. What could be better than her experienced hands to make you forget the stress of the past week or to start the week fully recharged!

Book your massage on your yacht.

Massage Goldfinger provides her massages and beauty care from Monaco to Saint-Tropez. Also Nice and Cannes. In order to meet the needs of her clientele, Johanna and her team come on your yacht to provide the services of your choice.

Why not start with a Ayurvedic massage ?

Practiced for millennia, the Ayurvedic massage restores the circulation of energies in the body. It is known for its relaxing action, helping to eliminate toxins, facilitating the circulation of energy and eliminating muscle tension. It is therefore particularly suitable for stressed and nervous people, and can be used for preventive or therapeutic purposes. Ayurvedic massage also affects sleep disorders, the immune system, blood circulation, and lymphatic circulation.